Learning Support Overview


The College strives to establish a culture of integration by adopting a whole-school approach to serving students with special educational needs (SEN).  Our goal is to provide students in need with appropriate and multi-faceted support services, in order to enhance their learning effectiveness and assist them with their integration into life at Kung Lee.

Our Integrative Education Team includes an Assistant Principal, a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, teachers of the Learning Support Group, social workers, educational psychologists and different subject teachers.  In addition, other functional teams such as the Academic Affairs and Assessment Administration Committee, the Discipline and Counselling Team, and the Life-Planning Team assist in the support of SEN students, as part of the whole-school approach towards integrative education.

The College makes full use of the Education Bureau's Learning Support Grant, including to hire additional manpower such as a Teaching Assistant in charge of learning support, and to purchase external services.  For example, support services for students with emotional and behavioural issues, integrative activities, and life-planning activities and courses are offered.

In terms of academics, the College takes students' special educational needs into consideration to adjust their learning, homework and assessments.  The College accomplishes this through the provision of SEN assessments, referrals, and individual learning plans, and through cooperation with SEN professionals.

Parent-school cooperation is highly valued by the College, especially in the area of SEN support.  To this end, the College maintains close communication with parents through regular parents' days and the use of the "Kung Lee Communications" mobile application.

Finally, the College abides by the Education Bureau's guidelines by arranging for our teachers to participate in training courses related to catering for learners' diversity (beginner level and advanced level).  We also invite different organisations and professionals to share their experience with us through training sessions held at the College.