Fee Remission Scheme

Please refer to the Financial Assistance Scheme Guide (Chinese only) for more details about the eligibility assessment.


The application period for financial assistance (2023/24 academic year) will be ended on 30 September 2023


  • Adjusted Family Income (AFI) calculation method:

AFI = Annual family income / (number of family members + (1))


  • Annual family income includes the income of the applicant and his/her spouse, 30% of the income of unmarried children who live in the household (if applicable), and subsidies from relatives and friends (if applicable).


  • Family members include the applicant, applicant's spouse, unmarried children who live in the household, and parents who are taken care of by the applicant and/or the applicant's spouse.


  • For single-parent families with 2-3 members, substitute (+2) for (+1) in the formula.


Please refer to the Chinese page for a subsidy calculator.



2023/2024 Financial Assistance Application Form (Chinese only)


If you have any enquiries, please contact the General Office at 2577 5778.