Diverse Learning Experiences


At Kung Lee College, we believe that experiential learning is the key to the holistic development of students in the 21st century.  Other Learning Experiences (OLE) are an important component in the delivery of experiential learning.  Our experienced OLE team regularly organises a variety of learning activities for students, through which they develop competencies in teamwork, leadership, character-building, art and sports.

Entrepreneurial learning is another core pillar of education at Kung Lee College.  OLE activities give students the opportunity to try their hand at different potential entrepreneurial pursuits and develop the competencies to be potential social entrepreneurs, launching their businesses and serving the community.  Activities in this vein include leather-crafting workshops, fashion and textiles workshops, and culinary courses.

Other activities include:

  • Make-Up and Hairstyling Course
  • Drama Course
  • Muay Thai Boxing Course
  • Rope-Skipping Course
  • Image Design Course
  • Modelling Course
  • Pour Painting Workshop
  • Mural Painting Workshop
  • Adventure Training Day
  • Rock-Climbing Activity
  • Archery Tag
  • Bubble Football
  • War Game
  • etc.


Students participating in Floor Curling

Mural painted by students

Adventure training