School Vision and Education Belief


Holding the vision of the School Sponsoring Body “The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC)”, “Together we nurture fullness of life; Hand in hand we witness the love of Christ”, we aim at building “a diverse school, committed to positive transformation and talent development for individual students who are supported by a strong professional learning community”.

We believe that education is an ongoing learning process each individual learner goes through for growth at different stages. Secondary education sets a learning platform for young people to be empowered and equipped for entry into adulthood to pursue further studies or career development. Learning should focus not just on knowledge and skills but also on values, attitudes and personal qualities which enable individuals to learn to live together in a positive manner in the authentic adult world characterized by diversity and pluralism. Through education, young people are nurtured to be valuable assets and active participants in the transformation of the society and even the world.

It is our belief that every student is precious and teachable and there should be equal opportunities for each individual learner to develop according to their own aptitudes and abilities. There should be student-centred and alternative education offered to each individual learner for the development of his or her unique talents. Love, care and respect experienced at school can help students develop positive attitudes towards life.

We have a strong commitment to further development of the school to build a professional learning community for the nurture of students with diverse backgrounds, abilities and needs and foster them to be “College Ready, Life Ready” with the global competencies developed to face the challenging future and contribute to family, community, society, nation and the world.